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Free guide to improve remote working

Many organisations are having to consider how their employees can work remotely yet remain productive and secure amid the COVID-19 crises. In addition, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has stated that companies which require employees to work remotely will still need to consider the same kind of security measures for homeworking that would be used in normal circumstances.

With over 20 years’ experience, Kiwi has learned a lot about remote working. How to ensure it’s adopted successfully and what pitfalls you’ll need to sidestep. So, we’re bringing our insights and expertise together in a free no obligation consultation, to help at a time when, like us, you’re probably relying on remote working more than ever.

This free consultation session will, among other aspects, focus on:

  • A Current State Assessment of your IT Systems.
  • Understanding your remote working requirements & access priorities.
  • Alignment of your current technology to support remote working needs.
  • Gap analysis between technology and requirements.
  • Considerations to cyber & network security, information security and data protection.
  • Longer term considerations of remote working adoption and cultural change.

We’ve structured this guide to address the challenges facing employees, business leaders and IT leaders, offering practical advice so you can harness the maximum potential from remote working to keep you and your business productive, secure, connected and engaged now and into the future.

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