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Statistics indicate that 50% more time is spent collaborative activates, while 37% of the entire global work force now work remotely. These numbers show that the need for Office 365 has never been so relevant.

As a Tier 1, Microsoft CSP (Cloud Services Provider), we offer the entire Office 365 catalogue and installation professional services that can do anything from online access to business apps, right through to remote diary updates for your end users.

Kiwi IT Solutions – An All-round approach to Office 365

Office 365 provides a catalogue of services that deal with the fluidity of working life in the modern world. 

At Kiwi IT Solutions, we not only provide specific knowledge on what solution will be best for your infrastructure but, we also provide an attentive service that means you can get the most out of the Microsoft platform.

Our goal is to provide a top drawer, high quality service that’ll increase productivity within the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to find out about how Microsoft Office Auto Pilot can help your infrastructure or are instead in pursuit to find out how many licences you’ll need per user, Kiwi can provide you with a strategic approach to 365 that will ultimately increase functionality and drive profits.

From online access to business apps right through to excel and fluid diary updates, we’ll provide you with everything you need.

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