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Off-Premise IT Support Services at Kiwi IT Solutions

At Kiwi, we have comprehensive IT support packages for organisations via our in-house, highly accredited consultancy team.

We understand the support services required by large organisations and have developed a repertoire of off-premise services to cater for them.

Kiwi IT Solutions – A Highly Accredited IT Support Team There For You in Spirit

With our investment in ISO27001 Data Security Standards, Security Clearance and recognition from the UK government for the supply of approved cloud based solutions, you can be assured to be working with a high level IT Support Team that are ultimately there to provide you with the best off-premise support possible.

With 20 years’ experience of service delivery, Kiwi has formed a unique bond with all of its clients, operating on a personal level to provide the best in marketplace experience and engender loyal customers who are with us for the long run.

Kiwi IT Solutions – Applications Up and Running Faster

With our wide experience dealing with organisations across EMEA, we know the tangible benefits of off-premise IT support, allowing organisations to focus on their core business and be more adaptable to adjust resources and meet the fluctuating ebbs and flows of day to day business.