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At Kiwi IT Solutions, we understand the importance of perimeter security to your business.

With our internal/perimeter security services, we’re able to analyse and review the risks to intellectual and physical properties via the input of professional firewall and intrusion prevention technologies.

Our internal perimeter security review is designed to measure the effectiveness of the current network perimeter security and establish whether changes need to be made.

It also allows us to gauge the level of preparedness an organisation has in place if an intrusion was to occur.

Most importantly, our reports provide insight into what needs to be done in the future to maintain security, so we can provide a professional service and ensure constant security all of the time.

Kiwi IT Solutions – Establishing the Demarc for Security Success

With our investment ISO27001 data security standards combined with our established experience, we’re sure we’ll be able to provide you with the valuable insight to create a safe network for your employees and customers.

From establishing whether your firewall is effectively protecting your servers to configuring it properly for applications, we’re dedicated to providing you with a first-rate security service that is sure to engender a competitive advantage for your organisation.

For more information on Internal and Perimeter Services call us 0121 399 0050 as we’d be happy to go through any queries you might have.