Server virtualisation is one of the most exciting and innovative technologies to emerge in recent years. In simple terms virtualisation allows the installation of multiple ‘virtual servers’ within a single physical server, therefore saving on hardware purchase and running costs whilst vastly improving the time taken for administrative and maintenance tasks.

Using the market leading virtualisation software VMware & HyperV, virtual servers are built in exactly the same way as conventional physical servers. They have their own operating systems, and are seen by the network as completely independent devices. Depending on how powerful the physical ‘host’ server may be, it is typical to have up to 3 or 4 ‘guest’ virtual servers residing on the one physical machine.

As a virtual server is essentially a set of data files, it can easily be moved or copied from one physical location to another, giving a level of flexibility that physical servers cannot match. The virtual solutions we can implement will dramatically increase the options available to organisations when considering their disaster recovery strategies.

Before your business invests in another expensive server, talk to one of our Team about the possibilities server virtualisation could offer you.