Business Continuity & DR

It’s the old saying ‘you don’t miss it until it’s gone’. Those of you who have been unfortunate enough to be in a position where your systems are down and the backups had failed will know the detrimental impact it can have on your business, which can cost literally thousands to rectify.

We are fully aware that for every minute you’re offline it can cost any business time, money & status. Therefor we have heavily invested in all types of Business Continuity solutions to keep you up and running!

Protecting data, preserving security and generally ensuring a constant flow of your business is a top priority for us at Kiwi IT. Our systems silently monitor your infrastructure in real time to pre-empt a potential issue and notifying us before it gets out of hand.

Full failover equipment can be provided to cover those worst case scenarios. If Server 1 goes down, Server 2 starts up instantly!

If you require any further information on the Business Continuity Solutions we provide please give us a call or email us.